1 “how would you define your personal relationship with God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord ?”

I think from own experiences that you must not feel obligations, because if you feel something out of duty, it comes not from your heart.


2 “how do we feel that relationship ?”

If God has entered into your heart, your conscience will start to speak to you.
Your conscience is your warning device. Your conscience is spirit and this spirit will be guided by the Holy Spirit.


3 “How much time do I have to spend with God ?”

Well, is there an excuse not to do so ? I know that God is always there for you, 24/7.


4 “How do I keep in touch with God ?”

By praying, every day and by eating His food, the Bible.


5 “What is the best way to understand the Bible ?”

The author is the Holy Spirit, so the best way to explain a book is by the author of that book.
Just ask if you do not understand. And be patient to receive the answers.


6 “Why do we need God ?”

Look around, look at all the temptations into the world. Look at yourself, how often are we tempted ? We have to deal with the opponent of God , Satan. He is spirit and can reach everyone 24/7. And Jesus Christ our Lord defeated Him. By His resurrection He overcame Satan, who is the equivalent to Sin, who is the equivalent to Death. So we need Jesus Christ our Lord to resist evil.
We can not do that by our own or by any human being here on earth.


7 “Is there any reward ?”

Our inheritance is Eternal Life and being a member of God's Family.
Well think about that !